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Laura Mottola, our founder, and her colleague, Adrian White will be presenting the learning session called “Polishing a Diamond in the Rough – Capability Development & Respect for People in the Mining Industry” at Lean Summit on March 26, 2019.

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The Lean Mining® Institute (LMI) is a Non-for-Profit organization devoted to the transformation of the global mining and metals industry through the application of Lean Thinking and Lean Strategies from mine to market.  The Lean Mining® Institute is an industry-specific, global institute that is part of the Lean Institute of Canada and the Lean Global Network.

Leveraging 25 years of experimentation by the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), the LMI seeks to educate, coach, innovate, and lead the global mining and metals industry through long-term sustainable change that drives value for all its constituents.

Lean Mining® Practitioner Certification Program

LMP Certification Program is a practical, hands-on training program designed to provide managers, superintendents, supervisors and specialists in the mining and metals industry with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Successfully employ principles of Lean Mining® to collaboratively identify problems and formulate solutions by organizing people, equipment, material and capital
  • Develop a culture of sustained business excellence and continuous improvement
  • Use Lean Mining® knowledge to motivate people, achieve results, reduce costs, improve the operation and address business needs

Who Should Attend?

Operations and Office Managers


Operational Excellence Specialists

Individuals Responsible for Training and Development

Lean Mining® Practitioner (LMP) Certification Program

If you want to learn more about the program, you can download the program brochure here. To get your certification, get in touch with us today!

Co-Learning Partnerships

Co-learning partnerships build a genuine “community of practice” in a comfortable learning environment that harnesses inquiry by exploring answers to our own questions. This learning fosters inventive thinking and creativity where dynamic participation and engagement create sustainable outcomes.

Co-Learning Partners have demonstrated executive commitment to lean transformations, an enthusiasm for collaborative learning where the work is actually done, and a willingness to share results among themselves and with the global lean community.

Partner companies get access to LEI thought leaders, such as John Shook, Jim Womack, and Mark Reich, as well as LEI coaches and subject matter experts. Because they are handpicked from non-competing industries, partners also share challenges and successes peer-to-peer with lean practitioners at fellow partner companies.

Lean Mining® Credentials

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Lean Mining®

The Lean Mining® results in an effective production system where raw material is progressively transformed into finished products with just the right amount of work supported by a healthy cost structure.

Lean Mining® seeks to couple the Mine with the Mill for better business integration to increase throughput (capacity), manage variation, decrease costs, increase quality, increase overall equipment efficiencies and reduce the lead time while improving safety and environment.

Lean Mining® responds to changing conditions to facilitate the production process by removing barriers to flow. This creates a certain level of process control and feedback loops to measure the behaviour of the system. Therefore, the quality and timeliness of the Information Flow are just as important as the Material Flow itself.

Difference Between Lean Manufacturing and Lean Mining®

A cyclical nature of mining promotes reactive behaviour to changing market conditions. When times are good, production is amplified, often sacrificing efficiency in order to maximize revenue. At the first sign of slowing economy cost cutting measures are widely implemented in an attempt to regain control over escalating costs in a climate of falling metal prices.
Most organizations plan their operations based on the following model: Sales Price = Profit + Cost. Lean views this model differently.

Profit = Sales Price – Cost.


In mining, sales price is determined by Commodity Markets not by company profitability policies (EBITDA Goals). In Lean Mining model emphasis is on cost reduction – costs are controllable and must be reduced in order to achieve profits.

Check our founder Laura Mottola’s article about Lean Mining® on  

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